May 8, 2011

One Last Foray

As is true with all things, though especially with good things, they must come to an end. Having our father out to visit was wonderful on many levels, and though it is now months in the past, I am a bit saddened at coming to the last "catch-up" post of our visit. It's been a nice walk down memory lane. Don't get me wrong, I still have quite a lot of catching up to do, as we're only into December of last year here, but no more, after this one, of us and the Old Man, out bein' all creative and family-like. I guess I'll just have to get my ass out to California soon, and then not post about it for six months. :D

I don't think this was our last day together, but it was definitely the last time we all went to shoot together. This time, our Intrepid Trio was joined by a fourth, my girlfriend Gypsy. Now, Gypsy, that's a name no one would self-apply where I come from. But then, there's a lot about Gypsy that don't make a whole lotta sense to me, and a lot about where she lives, likewise. But, then again, maybe that's why I find the place so durned interestin'...

"Untitled" Louisville, KY. December, 2010.

May 6, 2011

Nashville, Get Ready, 'Cause Here We Come!

WARNING: This post is photo-heavy. Continue past jump, if you dare!

One of the things that had been planned for when our father came out to visit was a trip to Nashville, TN. I've been through Tennessee before, but never to Nashville. It really is like Hollywood with a touch of twang! Or... the Athens of the South, which has a certain ring to it for sure.

Anyway, since neither my father nor I had ever been, Jack took charge as the tour guide of sorts. Our first stop? THE PARTHENON! So very, very cool. It's a reconstruction of the original Parthenon of Athens, Greece. The city of Nashville commissioned the original, which was a wood and plaster affair built in the center of Centennial Park, for the 1897 fair celebrating Nashville's first hundred years. It was later rebuilt, on the original foundation, in concrete. The rebuild started in 1920, with the exterior finished in '25 and the interior in '31.

"First" Nashville, TN. December, 2010.

Here's us, after a couple hours on the road. It's something like 10 in the ante meridian, and really cold, and windy. Or at least, strong-breezy. I think we all had on fleece or flannel pajama pants under our jeans, which works pretty well. Just, ya know, FYI...

May 2, 2011

Bardstown Road Aglow

Last time we checked in, our Father (Who art in barrels, hallowed be Thy Drink... Sorry, old habits die hard)... our father had come out from California to visit, and he, Jack, and I all went out to shoot together for the first time. Ever.


Okay. Now, it's three days later. We are again on Bardstown Road, but now it's nighttime. Time for Bardstown Road Aglow. It's cold, and the skies are dark, but BTR is a place of merriment (and cold). Strands of multicolored little points of light adorn everything, hanging from buildings, shrubbery, and various municipal fixtures alike. The street is busy, as busy as it tends to be during the day, for many of the shops, normally closed by now, are open, and thriving. The are people everywhere; in their cars, driving; walking up and down the road; in the shops conversing with friends, loved ones, and strangers, who don't stay strangers for long. The smells are of the holidays, and of people, but as we walked down the road, it's to the effect of travelling through an ocean of scents, the smells of gingerbread, spices, cigarettes, stews, salt on the road, all playing in and amongst each other, layered and complex at times, distinct and individual at others. It was slightly dazzling, and we were there to hang out, enjoy, and shoot. And shoot we did.

Here are the photos.

"Does This Belong To You?" Bardstown Rd. Louisville, KY.  December, 2010.

May 1, 2011

The Dad Arrives

The end of November last year (2010) had my father coming out from California to visit my brother and I. We met up the night he flew on, and went out drinking, as all elder children should do with their parents. Mind you, we didn't go bar-hopping... Oh wait, we kinda did. More on that later. But, we did NOT go out on a bender or anything, just out to a couple of local bars which have great beer and good people for a few cold ones.

Jack and I had gone out shooting earlier in the day, and for continuity's sake, I'll post those photos first. We went up into southern Indiana, around New Albany, which is literally across the Ohio River from L'ville. It was cold, and it had snowed for the first time that year the night before, if memory serves. We wandered around an old abandoned granary, shooting what we saw.

"Untitled" New Albany, IN. November, 2010.

"Untitled" New Albany, IN. November, 2010.