May 8, 2011

One Last Foray

As is true with all things, though especially with good things, they must come to an end. Having our father out to visit was wonderful on many levels, and though it is now months in the past, I am a bit saddened at coming to the last "catch-up" post of our visit. It's been a nice walk down memory lane. Don't get me wrong, I still have quite a lot of catching up to do, as we're only into December of last year here, but no more, after this one, of us and the Old Man, out bein' all creative and family-like. I guess I'll just have to get my ass out to California soon, and then not post about it for six months. :D

I don't think this was our last day together, but it was definitely the last time we all went to shoot together. This time, our Intrepid Trio was joined by a fourth, my girlfriend Gypsy. Now, Gypsy, that's a name no one would self-apply where I come from. But then, there's a lot about Gypsy that don't make a whole lotta sense to me, and a lot about where she lives, likewise. But, then again, maybe that's why I find the place so durned interestin'...

"Untitled" Louisville, KY. December, 2010.

"Imaginary Convergence" Louisville, KY. December, 2010.

"Busy Businessmen Doing Their Business, Busily" Louisville, KY. December, 2010.

"Us" Louisville, KY. December, 2010.

"The Fam, Redux" Louisville, KY. December, 2010.

"Ornaments III" Louisville, KY. December, 2010.

"Ornaments IV" Louisville, KY. December, 2010.

"Ornaments VI" Louisville, KY. December, 2010.

We found these cool Christmas decorations at the Brown Hotel, in the courtyard in the back. I liked shooting them with the 24mm, though it made me miss my 17-35mm quite a bit.

"Breathing Building" Louisville, KY. December, 2010.

"Urban Yin-Yang" Louisville, KY. December, 2010.

"Another Skyline" Louisville, KY. December, 2010.

"Arc" Louisville, KY. December, 2010.

"ING" Louisville, KY. December, 2010.

"Untitled" Louisville, KY. December, 2010.

"Untitled" Louisville, KY. December, 2010.

Well, that's about it. Wraps 'er all up. We had a grand ol' time, the three (four) of us, getting to hang out together again for the first time in ages, especially now that Jack and I are such avid photographers. It's all come full circle, first our father, and now us. I guess that's the way the whole durn human comedy keeps perpetuatin' itself, down through the generations, Westward in th' wagons, across th' sand of time until we... Aw, look at me, I'm ramblin' again. 

Well, I hope you folks' enjoyed yerselves, catch ya later on down the trail.


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  2. Loved the photos, enjoyed the many BL references (watch it - the Coen Bros. may press plagiarism charges!), and I did enjoy myself tremendously. Like you, sorry in a way to see it end. But then it encourages one to make plans (as you said) to do 'er again and soon. And that's bound to be good.

  3. Maybe they would, if this blog made me any money! :D

    I do look forward to the next time we're able to get together, even if it may be a while on down the trail.

  4. Oh, and I deleted your Anon post. I figured you wouldn't mind my getting rid of duplicates. I like to keep it cleaned up here.

  5. That's fine re: cleaning things up on your blog. I am somewhat ignorant re: how all this works, and did not realize I could EZ-ly log on as myself rather than Anon.

    I'm looking forward to further photo forays myself!