October 17, 2010

Some of What I've Been Up to

"YEEEAAAAAAHHH!!!" Louisville, KY. October, 2010.
It's been a while since I've posted here. It seems to be how things go for me, with very few exceptions; I find something new and interesting, and I get all excited about it. I stick with it for a while, in this case posting regularly with exciting, new content. Then, invariably, it dies down. Now, mind you, I haven't had nearly the amount of time, nor (to be 100% truthful here) nearly the amount of drive, to get out and shoot, and hence, have had nothing new to post here.

Of course, I could go and dig through all my old stuff (which I'm FINALLY getting around to backing up, thank god), and post some of what I have done previously (as I said I would when I first started this), but let's be honest here, as well. I don't want to do that. The idea holds absolutely NO appeal to me, mainly because I'm convinced I will not find anything worth posting. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm dead on. Maybe, someday, we will all know first hand. But that will not happen today.

No. Today, I have some more new work. I've had a habit, since seriously starting out with photography, of carrying my camera damn near everywhere I went. Granted, it's not quite like it used to be (I have a tough time convincing myself that the photo ops will be worth the hassle of carrying the camera when, say, I'm grocery shopping by myself), but I'm still pretty good about it, especially if I'm/we're going anywhere new. These are some of the photos I've taken while out and about, by myself or with the fam, whatever, wherever, whenever.

"Moni" Louisville, KY. October, 2010.
The first photo I've posted of her, this is the newest feline member of the household. Her name is Pandemonium, or Moni for short, and she lives up to the name to the fullest extend allowed by law, lemme tell you. (The photo at the top of the page is her as well, mid-yawn this time.) This cat is, even more than the norm, the physical embodiment of insanity. I know kittens are supposed to be nuts, but my god this is rediculous. She's super-sweet, kinda dumb, and REALLY crazy.

 "Imma Eat It!" Louisville, KY. October, 2010.

"Untitled" Louisville, KY. October, 2010.

 Here are a couple shots of the dogs, doing what they do best. Bunnie eats things, Hiro kowtows to everyone. Life is balanced.

"For me? You shouldn't have..." Louisville, KY. October, 2010.
And the last of the gratuitous pet photos. Though this may not be of an actual pet of ours, it was brought to us by our adopted ward, Porch Kitty. She is a Mighty Hunter, as Gypsy often says, and brings us lizards and mice, and if the random feathers are any indication, some birds now and again as well, though we never get to actually see them, just their remains...

So, short post for today, but there will be more coming soon (later today or tomorrow). Hope you enjoyed a brief glimpse into my day-to-day, and the animals who share our home with us.

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