October 8, 2010

A Morning Walking

I needed, desperately, to get out of the house today, if only for a bit. Dishes need doing, living room needs picking up. Fine. But y'all can wait a bit, I got something to do first. So, I headed off to Sunergos to get some coffee (it's cheap, and good; a winning combo as I'm usually broke).

"Blue" Louisville, KY. October, 2010.

I found this Flickr user's photostream the other day, and I was very impressed. This guy's composition is phenomenal. He really kind of opened my eyes to some new ways of seeing things around me, and this is my first attempt at a 'minimalist' composition. I love it, and I hope you're impressed, too. (There are a couple more later on down the way.)

"Laundry" Louisville, KY. October, 2010.

I stayed, I finished my coffee, and it was time to head out. I thought about just heading back home (it's about a four-block walk to the coffee shop), but as I was headed that way, I just kept going down the street. I came up to a Rally's (burger joint. Okay, but no In-N-Out or Carl's Jr...or Five Guys'...), and remembered that back around behind them there are some interesting buildings. So, I thought I'd take another look. It's been a while, and last time I only took one photo and had to leave. There's a dry cleaner's there, and this door just beckoned to me. Shot for a couple minutes, and I really liked this one.

"kuaizi" Louisville, KY. October, 2010.

Another business backside here, this time a Chinese food place. I've never eaten there, even though it's right around the corner... Anyway, the character up there is "KUAI" (pronounce kwai), and it means 'chopstick(s).' Fitting, for a Chinese food place.

 "Day Light" Louisville, KY.

Same business, and the next of my minimalist compositions. I really like the sun just behind the roof making that lamp glow.

"Window(s)" Louisville, KY. October, 2010.

The local cemetery is a place I have photographed a few times. I got kinda tired of graveyards, 'cause unless I want to start shooting orbs and auras, it's pretty much the same thing, over and again. As I walked by, I saw the main admin building's facade for the hundredth time, and I thought about how vexing it is, as I've never been able to photograph it at the quality I'd like to. Then I saw the shot, I shot  the shot, and here the shot is. Not my best work, but a small personal victory nonetheless.

 "Pumpkin" Louisville, KY. October, 2010.

I was stumbling around the internet a few days ago, after having updated my preferences, I came upon a website full to the brim on drawing, painting, and graphic design info. The page I was on was about composition, and some things to avoid to help your composition be stronger. One of the things they mentioned to avoid is having circles ending past the edge of the frame, as it makes people uncomfortable, or something like that. Does this photo make you feel uncomfortable? I wonder if they were right...

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  1. Hi, Matt: Good looking work as always, though I'd posit that they're all pretty minimalist in the selection and use of your raw material. Nothing ornate or "photogenic" (real plusses in my book), and that means you have to have your eye on. Hope we talk soon!